Stat tracking made easy.

Fast input of shot results - so you can focus on the game

Whether you are on the ice, or behind the glass, take your curling team to the next level with the most powerful stat tracking app for curling made for smartphones. By incorporating an ultra-simple and easy to navigate interface, Curling Analytics makes it easier than ever to track your team's shooting percentages. Alongside the basic shooting percentages many coaches already track, Curling Analytics' innovative computer algorithms provide you with an unrivaled 40 additional shooting percentages that you can access at any point within a game. This allows you to gain a better understanding of your team's needs, and design effective practice plans that specifically cater to your team's weaknesses. Curling Analytics also provides insight into the reasons your players may be missing shots. Throughout the course of a game, our advanced statistics engine compiles reasons for missed shots, providing the coach with a clear idea of why a player might be missing a particular type of shot. Download Curling Analytics today and discover the power of stats in curling.

Optimized for smartphones

Curling Analytics runs great on most smartphones which means you don't need to invest in an expensive tablet in order to take advantage of all of its capabilities.

No internet connection needed

All data is saved locally to your device which means you won't need an internet connection to use the app.

Rapid Data Entry

Curling Analytics has a very simple interface which seeks to minimize the time required to observe and input gestures to the device. This means you can spend more time watching your team play and less time trying to interact with your device. 


Curling Analytics is by far the most affordable app for curling coaches, selling for the extremely low price of $2.79.

Curling Analytics is cross-platform!!!

Curling Analytics is one of the few apps for curling coaches that is available on both major mobile platforms.

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